Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plain Crashes involving Pakistan Airlines or in Pakistan.

Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 737-300...Image via Wikipedia
Airblue's A321crashed into the margalla hills of the capitol city of Pakistan - Islamabad. Though this is first such disaster for Airblue, Pakistan's National flag carrier has been involved in a few crashes.

NewsKi Duniya has compoiled a list of such crahes.

May 20, Cairo: Pakistan International Airways 707 crashed on landing at airport; 124 killed.

Nov. 26, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Pakistan International Airlines 707 carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca crashed on takeoff; all 156 aboard killed.

July 10, Multan, Pakistan: a Pakistan International Airlines Fokker F-27 turboprop crashed minutes after take off, killing all 45 on board.

The fate of Gilgit-Islamabad flight is still unknown. It is believed that Fokker F-27 Friendship of PIA carrying 54 people crashed in the Himalaya mountains.

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Air Blue Airbus 321 flight 202 crashes into Margalla Hills.

An Airblue A320-200 taking off from Allama Iqb...Image via Wikipedia
Air Blue Airbus A321 flight 202 crashed into Margalla Hills at somewhere around 9:30 Am local time here in Pakistan...

There were 159 plus the cabin crew on board that flight. It is reported to have lost contact about 30 minutes before landing with the control tower.

Initial news showed that the likelihood of survival of any passengers is not very high although there were unconfirmed reports that 4-5 passengers have been pulled out alive out of the rubble.

On TV screens it seemed that there was hardly any recognizable part of the plain that was completely intact, but that owed to poor visibility due to rain and mist in the Amrgalla area as well.

The ill fated flight was bound to Islamabad's Benazir International Airport coming from Karachi.

UPADTE: There were 147 people on board not 159. 159 passengers were supposed to travel but 12 lucky travellers could not make it to the flight.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. Vladimir Putin with Jaswa...Jaswant Singh, along with a representative of Rupa and Co, publisher of the book 'Jinnah -- India, Partition, Independence', filed a petition in the apex court against the ban imposed by the Narendra Modi government on August 19, two days after the book's launch, agencies reported.
Times Of India
The communist reflects!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

England Wins Ashes

England v Australia 5th Day 2nd Ashes Test @ L...Image by 6tee-zeven via Flickr

England has once again won the Ashes, against all odds. Though they were playing a significantly less strengthened Ozzie team this time around, yet however weak Australia is, they are still a strong enough threat with the likes of Ponting and Haden in the ranks.
BBC: "After losing 5-0 in Australia in 2007, victory in The Oval sun was reminiscent of England's famous 2005 Ashes win.
Australia resumed on 80-0 needing a further 466 for a world record win but twice lost two wickets in two overs."
(Victorious England regain Ashes)
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pakistan Wins T20 again under Captain Afridi

AfridiImage by Pradeep Gururani via Flickr

Afridi proved it once again that his batting and bowling successes in T20 World Cup were not a fluke.

Completing his third consecutive 50 in the T20 Internationals, he proved again that he's the king in this format of the game. Though this innings was not as impressive as the previous two, but Afridi is a treat to watch no matter what kind of form is he in.

This shortest form of the game seems to come natural to Pakistan team as all the excitment that makes them unpredictable in other formats of the game comes together to create an atmosphere where Pakistan thrives.

Though Afridi was the most successful in terms of accumulated runs, the other Pakistani batsmen made valuable contributions. Imran Nazir was the main spearhead in the first few overs after Kamran Akmal departed on the first ball of the innings. He showed no restraint or pressure as the situation might have seemed to ask for, and went on with his natural stroke making.

Umar Akmal was also a good partner to have for Afridi in the middle of the innings, they had a partnership of 66 together. Umar scored at more than a run a ball rate and scored 30 Runs.

Abd-ur-Razzaq showed his metal with quick scoring at the death, and reached 25 without getting out. Last over by Lasith Malinga was not an easy one to negotiate with for Razzaq who would have taken the score even higher had he been able to connect his bat to a couple of more balls.

Today's match against Sri Lanka was also the first match as a captain for Shahid Afridi and his team did him proud. Every one chipped in their share as Afridi lead from the front and finished the series on a high note even though their performance in Test and first three one dayers was nothing short of dismal

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